Who We Are

Who We Are

Derived from a combination of business/marketing strategists and print savants.  with it’s 150 years of experience is committed to providing our clients with the ultimate service…

We offer a truly global service to a range of industries; from the financial to commercial sectors. Print is our passion and we have the latest technology at our fingertips. Not only is all of our work produced on the highest-caliber of presses, we offer the latest technology to our customers, such as: raised ink, variable data driven projects and end to end web to print solutions. In a nutshell, it’s the job we care about and you can guarantee we care as much as you do!

Working with us is an enjoyable experience and one we would like to share with you, contact us  to find out more about what we can do for you …

Neil Riddoch Biog

Neil Riddoch


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I love working with the team at ColourfastWorld. No day is ever the same here. There’s always plenty of banter flying around our company and we have lots of fun and laughter along the way!

My other life is as a musician and I have performed as a solo artist for the past 25 years throughout Europe and have a great collection of guitars. I am also a keen squash player, not the best, but love the adrenalin it gives.

I also enjoy foreign travel and like to travel independently and frequently… the kids have all flown the nest, so now it’s my time to play!

Martin Nicholls Biog

Martin Nicholls


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“To Infinity & beyond”

Not every company is fortunate enough to have a superhero working there!!  I love working in a team that has a goal to always “save the day”. We pride ourselves on never getting it wrong or being late with a job.

Outside of work I spend my time travelling to some great places, meeting amazing people. I believe we only get one chance at life so live it to the max and never look back with regrets!!

Bob Vousden Biog

Bob Vousden

Production Manager

  +44 (0)207 653 8835   +44 (0)79500 32967      bob.vousden@colourfastworld.com

I have worked in the printing industry since Adam was a lad!

Starting as a compositor, then paste up artist, designer and lithographer, specialising in production control in each sphere.

In my other life, I enjoy classic cars, having owned several Daimlers and a Rolls Royce (a negative bank balance confirms this!). Bike riding, Horse riding, skiing and Ice skating with the grandkids are now my favourite pastimes.

Nicole Rogers Biog

Nicole Rogers

Accounts Manager


I enjoy being part of a brilliant team here at ColourfastWorld, we’re all great friends, as well as colleagues, and support each other wherever needed.

 When I’m not in the office I’m enjoying being a Mum to my lovely young son. Weekends of socialising in bars have now been replaced with shooting down waterslides, crawling through tunnels & jumping on bouncy castles!

Instead of leading a wild life we’re now feeding the local wildlife! 


Bob Bonney Biog

Bob Bonney

Sales Manager

  +44 (0)207 653 8836   +44 (0)7775 074 508      bob.bonney@colourfastworld.com

Outside of the often fast paced world of ColourfastWorld , my major interests revolve around rugby ( looking forward to going to my third Lions tour – New Zealand – in 2017 ) , and astronomy…

Astronomy has fascinated me since I was perhaps six or seven, and has led to me traveling to far flung places to see solar eclipses, comets, the Northern Lights  and has introduced me to many wonderful people. ( Patrick Moore and I, on one famous occasion, being the last people in the bar at a residential college in Epping, decided to finish the evening with a bottle of port!) A discrete veil I think!

And oh, I have long been a fan of most forms of Jazz , and the small town I live in, on the South coast is blessed with a fine old pub, excellent beer and jazz on several evenings a week.